Questions you need to ask your venue manager

They say that the golden rule in event management is that if it seems easy, you’re doing it wrong. While this contradicts nearly everything we’ve shared with you in our previous blogs about cracking the mantra of delivering successful events, we’d also like to remind you why exactly venue manage Read More

How Not to Be a Wedding Bridezilla

If being a bride was ever going to be stacked up against top professions of the world, it would beat the rest of the list by a country mile in the category of stress and struggle it can induce. Hence, the hilarious connotation of ‘bridezilla’ is more of an involuntary phase some brides end up un Read More

Attention Grooms!

If old clichés were to be believed, the only responsibility of a groom is to actually show up for his own wedding. While in our 21st century, this might borderline between being funny and offensive, the responsibility and involvement of a quintessential groom is constantly evolving and comparabl Read More

Your Ultimate To-Do List (part two)

Last week we started you off with part one of our ultimate To-Do list for the big day. Read on and discover more great tips, hints and recommendations… #1 C for Counseling Obviously, you’ve come this far in the relationship and want to seal it with a wedding is amazing! Why not, imp Read More

Your Ultimate To-Do List (Part One)

The only thing which is arguably as exciting and exhausting as your wedding is the planning which goes behind it. While our previous blogs have shared handy and fascinating tips and tricks about different aspects which go into wedding planning and execution, we want to step it up with a comprehe Read More

Wedding Gift Ideas

As Michael Scott from the popular TV show The Office once aptly remarked, presents are the best way to show someone how much you care. While the fictional character was referring to Christmas, the same holds true for all important occasions in a year, including weddings. Wedding gifts are un Read More

Celebrity Wedding Ideas!

There is nothing quite like a celebrity wedding! In today’s world where social media keeps getting married to the latest fashion, gossip and even memes, celeb weddings are unavoidable and often divisive talking points among one and all! Apart from the glitz and glamour, the best part about celeb Read More

Summering up your wedding this season!

If there’s one thing more relaxing and enjoyable than summer, it’s attending a summer wedding itself. With the sun providing pleasant warmth as well as great lighting for photography, it’s a season which has all the right ingredients to make the happiest day of your life truly memorable. Rea Read More

Summer Wedding Outfits for Him!

Wedding bells know no rhyme, reason or season. Each is characterized by its own unique charm, excitement and memories. Summer weddings are no different offering opportunities for the bride and the groom to take their fashion sensibilities to a whole new level. So, attention men! We’ve got you co Read More

Christmas Gift Ideas for your loved ones

‘Tis the season to be jolly! A lion’s share of what makes Christmas, Christmas, is the joy of giving. What makes Christmas a whole lot more special is that it gives you an occasion to rekindle the love with your significant other, courtesy of some thoughtful gifts. Let’s take a look at some of  Read More