Invite, Engage & Succeed!

Bearing the reputation of sometimes being mundane, conferences are an amazing way to bring like-minded people together. Creating demonstrable value for customers, clients and partners can however be tricky. Switching to twitter or the gram between prolonged silences, monologues and run-of-the- Read More

The Successful Networking Event Mantra

They say that if you are not networking, you are not working. We cannot stress enough how much networking helps build business relationships and pave way for prospective opportunities for organizations and professionals to grow. While networking as a skill can oscillate between being easy and ch Read More

Top 10 School Dance Themes

Some of the best memories made in school are all thanks to school dances. It’s the outfits, the preparations, the dancefloor, the selfies, the venue and of course the themes! We’ve put together a top 10 list of school dance themes which are not only on trend but will deliver guaranteed fun &he Read More

Graduation done right!

Graduation is an interesting phase of life, in that it doubles up as an end as well as a beginning; an epic culmination of the best years of your life as well as the beginning of an equally epic journey of promises and possibilities. So it goes without saying that the moments shared and memories Read More

The right questions for your Florist to be….

Picture your dream wedding. What can you see? A sea of happy and teary faces in elegant attires, food, drink, your favourite music, and of course, stunning arrangements of flowers wherever you look. Take any of these out of the equation and it doesn’t feel like a wedding anymore. Especially flo Read More

​Oh dear, no tears!

There are few memories and life events which put human emotions to test as much as weddings do. It’s a rollercoaster ride through anxiety, excitement and truckloads of joy. However, an excess of joy can often overflow into tears; AKA your mascara’s arch nemesis. While tears of joy are a heart-wa Read More

Summer of love, joy and weddings!

They say that the tans will fade but the memories will last forever. Be it a holiday in the sun or a summer wedding tis the season to remember for all the right reasons! Summer stands for all things bright, happy and vivacious, just like your perfect wedding tale. We’re looking at some top ten  Read More

The Internet - Your Wedding's Best Friend

They say that there are two defining stages in your life which test your character to the limit- building your first home and planning your wedding. While the former is undeniable fraught with challenges, that’s another blog entirely. We know that planning a wedding is both exciting and exhausti Read More

Manor on High Announces October Open Day Event

The Manor on High opens its doors to the public for an Open Day Event on Sunday October 22nd from 11am – 4pm. The open day will be the first opportunity for the public to view the venue refurbishments. The winter months saw the Manor on High team undertake works in all three of the fun Read More

Manor on High announces venue refurbishment plans

The Manor on High have announced plans to refurbish all three of the large function rooms with the view to launching the new look rooms by the end of August, 2017. The refurbishments will reveal a modern take on “classic elegance” maintaining the opulence and luxuriousness that the Mano Read More