Summering up your wedding this season!

If there’s one thing more relaxing and enjoyable than summer, it’s attending a summer wedding itself. With the sun providing pleasant warmth as well as great lighting for photography, it’s a season which has all the right ingredients to make the happiest day of your life truly memorable. Rea Read More

Summer Wedding Outfits for Him!

Wedding bells know no rhyme, reason or season. Each is characterized by its own unique charm, excitement and memories. Summer weddings are no different offering opportunities for the bride and the groom to take their fashion sensibilities to a whole new level. So, attention men! We’ve got you co Read More

Christmas Gift Ideas for your loved ones

‘Tis the season to be jolly! A lion’s share of what makes Christmas, Christmas, is the joy of giving. What makes Christmas a whole lot more special is that it gives you an occasion to rekindle the love with your significant other, courtesy of some thoughtful gifts. Let’s take a look at some of  Read More

The Quintessential Checklist for Event Organizers

They say that the best and most engaging events go by in a flash, leaving behind a pleasant aftertaste of significance, relevance and overall user experience. While the nature of the event, the audience involved and the like can, to an extent, determine its overall success, there is a wide range Read More

Getting the New Year off to a good start with your special someone

Believe it or not, there’s just a little over two months left of 2018 before 2019 comes marching into our lives. And while we can all probably agree that each passing year has seemed to have whizzed by faster than the previous ones, it’s never too late to prepare yourself for the new year- espec Read More

How to end the year on a good note

Winding up 365 (or sometimes 366) days of consistent performances and results in your professional life is both equally important and gratifying. And while a new year symbolizes new beginnings, the transition into the new year has to be smooth enough to ensure a strong start. With the new year j Read More

Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Decor Ideas

They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And when it comes to weddings, there is absolutely no compromise when it comes to all things beautiful. While the bride and groom are naturally going to steal the show on the big day, all the elements going into the decorations at the venue  Read More

B for Bonbonniere

Known as favours, the bonbonniere are gifts given out to guests who attend your special occasions and participate in the celebrations. A constant fixture at weddings, these tokens of appreciation were traditionally in the form of five white sugared almonds wrapped in decorative bags, with the fi Read More

There is no such thing as too much cheese

If you’re of the belief that cheese should only be part of foods like pizza and pasta, your dating game needs some serious upgrades. Yes, love is a dish best served with cheese and dates are your best bet at getting the job done. While choosing a good date place is often an unending series of “I Read More

Mastering the Pro in Proposals

Defining the concept of love isn’t easy. While some believe that all you really need is love, there are some others who believe love is temporary insanity curable by marriage. If you thought love and its definitions are hard to crack, chances are that you have probably not even thought about wed Read More