Attention Grooms!

If old clichés were to be believed, the only responsibility of a groom is to actually show up for his own wedding. While in our 21st century, this might borderline between being funny and offensive, the responsibility and involvement of a quintessential groom is constantly evolving and comparable with those of brides. We look at some of these broad yet essential responsibilities you might want to add to your checklist to be the man of her dreams, even on one of the most important days of your lives!

The Guest List

No wedding is truly a wedding without the guests. A responsible groom can take the onus of collating a list of friends and family he’d want at the big day, alongside his parents’ invitation list. We’re talking about a good deal of coordination with the bride, so that any contact details missing from these lists can be tracked down and compiled by the groom accordingly.

Groomsmen and their gifts

Here’s probably where the groom can request for assistance from your best man. A well-planned process of choosing groomsmen in advance can be followed up by necessary invitations, arrangements made for suit fittings and the like. We don’t have to remind you how invaluable groomsmen and your best man are – ensuring that you research and arrange for customized gifts for all of them well in advance is both an important and sweet gesture every groom needs to keep in mind.


The thing with RSVPs is that they’re both vital and equally challenging to manage. Keeping a track and following up on RSVPs, especially the possibly missing ones, is important for grooms to take charge of. Additionally, managing their dinner orders and the like can be an added bonus grooms can bring to the table.

The ‘vow’ factor

Gentlemen, practice always makes perfect. While writing down vows is an art in its own right, make sure that it’s done well in advance so that you buy enough time to rehearse and practice. A simple yet powerful vow can sweep your better half off her feet, while blanketing everyone else with a warm and fuzzy feeling of love and togetherness.

D for dance

It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet – wedding dances are arguably the most personal moment in any wedding. Once again, practice makes perfect. Be sure to sign up for dance lessons well in advance so that you familiarize yourself with the routine along with your bride. Oh, and don’t take it too seriously. Dances are best enjoyed when everyone’s having the time of their lives!

Family first

Apart from the deeply personal element every wedding brings with it, the phase of wedding planning brings everyone together like never before. And this phase of togetherness can often cause a great deal of tension and disagreements among families – all trivial once you look back at it after your wedding. Be it your bride’s dress or her mother’s concerns, don’t forget to step in and be the person who’s there for everyone – again, right from day 1 of the wedding planning stage. If grooms try hard enough, they can be the ultimate stress-buster at any wedding.

Acing that wedding-day look

From choosing suits to ensuring that the wedding attire is well in tune with the overall wedding theme, grooms need to have a great deal of attention to spare for acing their wedding looks. Be it a formal or even a destination wedding, getting a sense and finalizing your attire and scheduling fitting sessions need to be done well in advance so that grooms are more than just ready for the big day. While you’re at it, something as simple as getting a haircut and getting into shape for the occasion can be handy considerations too.

Rehearsal dinners and toasts

Oh yes, rehearsal dinners are almost as important as the actual ones. Acing the flow of events during a rehearsal dinner can give grooms a much-needed confidence boost for the big day. Of course, it’s a great way of showing to your bride and her family how much you genuinely care. Additionally, don’t forget to be well prepared for making and responding to toasts at the dinner – again, a heartfelt indication of how the wedding is truly bringing two families and their loved ones together.

Honey, what about the honeymoon?

We’ve intentionally fast-tracked beyond the D-day itself to focus on one aspect a lot of us often overlook – the honeymoon. Be it a surprise destination or a result of intensive research and planning with the bride, honeymoon planning requires a lion’s share of its efforts from the groom’s end. Of course, involving your better half is never a bad idea, and the best thing you can do on such occasions is go above and beyond by planning a few surprises extra!