B for Bonbonniere

Known as favours, the bonbonniere are gifts given out to guests who attend your special occasions and participate in the celebrations. A constant fixture at weddings, these tokens of appreciation were traditionally in the form of five white sugared almonds wrapped in decorative bags, with the five almonds symbolizing happiness, wealth, longevity, fertility and health. Of course, today, bonbonniere come in a range of pleasantly creative and personalized gifts. Check out some we’ve found….

Fortune it up!

One can never go wrong with Fortune Cookies. Design your bonbonniere in the shape of a fortune cookie, with the names of the guests as well as the secret message slipped in. These can also serve as a place card holder for your guests.

Pleasingly practical

Add value to the way you thank your guests with bonbonniere gifts which are both elegant and practical- the kind which guests will find useful as well as cherish for longer. For instance, gift your guests at a summer wedding, with something tastefully designed parasol. As a result, they can enjoy the occasion comfortably and also take back the useful bonbonniere along with many good memories. Adorable heart-shaped cookie cutters are another way to go, when it comes to a pleasing yet practical bonbonniere!

Never late for Chocolate

If you don’t know what the question is, chocolate is probably always the answer. Chocolate wedding favours are sure winners at any weddings! Pack your assorted range in cutely designed boxes and watch your guests leave the wedding with a wide smile.

Some Limoncello for the soul

Would you have imagined turning to Bonbonniere for getting your guests to take on the dance floor? Add the Italian beverage in tiny bottles as part of your bonbonniere gifts along with delightful name tags. Trust us, they will surely raise a toast!

Care to coffee

A little caffeine doesn’t hurt at weddings. The amazing aroma and the value of a deep blend is a thoughtful wedding favour idea. Neatly wrapped coffee beans in hessian sacks with a personalized message can do the trick as a heart-warming bonbonniere.

From Buddha, With Love

Make your bonbonniere its spiritual best with Laughing Buddha place card holders. Add a thoughtful message along with these and express your appreciation through this universal symbol of peace, contentment and joy. We’ve also been told that the Laughing Buddha’s grin is contagious, so please be warned!

Jar of Joy

A jar full of candies or lollies is yet another delightful Bonbonniere idea. Add a dash of personalization to it, with a note or design. And let’s not forget, the jars are reusable, much to the guests’ joy and utility. We’re talking about a great brand recall of the wedding and the happy couple!

Soundtrack surprises

Not all Bonbonniere gifts need to be necessarily tangible in nature. Surprise your guests with a full soundtrack of all the songs from the wedding, as part of the Bonbonniere gift. As a result, you’re essentially extending all the happy memories and moments from the wedding for posterity!

Go green!

Plant a smile on all your guests’ faces by gifting potted plants, small cacti or even seedlings as part of their Bonbonniere gifts. What’s more, it’s both economical and environment-friendly!

Here are just a few bonbonniere ideas, we’ve got plenty more as well as connections to a great network of talented professionals who can craft and deliver your ultimate personalized wedding bonbonniere.