Celebrity Wedding Ideas!

There is nothing quite like a celebrity wedding! In today’s world where social media keeps getting married to the latest fashion, gossip and even memes, celeb weddings are unavoidable and often divisive talking points among one and all! Apart from the glitz and glamour, the best part about celebrity weddings is truly the creativity which goes behind these often grand affairs. We look at a few such recent trends…

Destination weddings

What better way to start the journey of life together than with a destination wedding. Across many years, celebrities have turned to destination weddings almost instinctively for a happy, romantic, picturesque event. Be it a rustic old town or a bright and happy beach resort, destination weddings add the much-needed hype to celebrity weddings. Of course, budget constraints are secondary simply because celebrities can afford such an extravagance. Destination weddings have also proven to give celebrities much needed privacy for their big day. 

Keeping it casual

Now this might surprise you a little considering how weddings are literally the best excuse for anyone to dress up like there’s no tomorrow. However, Celebrity weddings have proved to follow a radically different trend. The preference is intimacy over luxury, with a simplistic fashion sense often observed in top celeb weddings. This also works well for such weddings since the guest list is limited and includes only close relatives and dearest friends. From Keira Knightley to Olivia Palermo, some of the top celeb weddings which made the news witnessed the couples gracefully pull off simple casual elegance. 

Doubling it up 

While casual attire at celeb weddings are a refreshing change, many celebrity choose  yet another smart alternative of two wedding dresses across the course of the event. A long and elegant princess wedding dress can make an appearance for the ceremony followed by a glamourous gown or short dress for the reception. 

All about the cake

More often than not, celeb weddings take the cake (quite literally) for their intricately designed wedding cakes. Remember Sofia Vergara’s nuptial with Joe Manganiello? Their five-tier, towering wedding cake was all things grand and yummy, easily stealing the show that evening. After all, calories is the last thing that should come to your mind on the happiest day of your life!

C for Candid

99% of what makes the life of a celebrity truly stunning is the allure and aspirational value it creates. The same holds true for their weddings which doesn’t take too long before making headlines for all the good reasons. However, if there’s one opportunity for celebrities to let down their guard, it’s during their wedding photoshoots. Candid shots of the couple right from the just engaged phase to the big day is made to appear both dreamy and relatable in more ways than one. This fine balance of stunning yet relatable photographs never fails to add charm to celebrity weddings.

Flower Power

Few elements best embody a celebrity wedding as much as a Luxe floral wall. White peonies, gardenias and roses make for a soothingly gorgeous backdrop, coupled with hanging lanterns and antique paraphernalia can set the ball rolling for an elegant and rustic vibe befitting a private ceremony such as that of a celebrity wedding. That’s right, we know you thought about Instagram’s most liked photo ever- Kim and Kanye’s lovely wedding kiss in front of their grand luxe floral wall.

All about the hashtags

Let’s face it. If not for social media in today’s day and age, many celebrity weddings and the pomp and splendor they bring with them, would’ve missed our radar of interest. And hashtags are just one among many interactive ways that these grand events receive the attention and hype world over. While social media analytics having shown a staggering measure in terms of exposure and reach of these celeb wedding hashtags online, wedding planners have always turned to on-ground interactivity to engage guests and the couple. Be it game stations, fancy photo booths or even video-format guestbooks, there’s no escape from all the buzz!