Christmas Gift Ideas for your loved ones

‘Tis the season to be jolly! A lion’s share of what makes Christmas, Christmas, is the joy of giving. What makes Christmas a whole lot more special is that it gives you an occasion to rekindle the love with your significant other,  courtesy of some thoughtful gifts. Let’s take a look at some of the following ideas for gifts this festive season!

Attention Coffee Addicts

A good cup of coffee knows no season or reason. But enjoying a cup of coffee with your loved one is always special. So, naturally, our first gift idea for Christmas is a coffee-maker or even a jar of the finest blends. It’s certainly got the surprise element since we can all agree that coffee isn’t the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind while thinking of a gift. Secondly, it’s also a ‘brew-tiful’ excuse for you and your loved one to get together this Christmas season with a cuppa! 

Travel is always the answer

When you don’t know what the question is, travel is always the answer. And since gift hunting for Christmas can often be full of questions, we recommend turning to travel as an idea. Be it getting travel accessories like bags, sunglasses and the like, or even vouchers or couple deals for you and your significant other, winding up your year with a getaway is a fantastic idea. There are also plenty of options to choose from.  For outdoor enthusiasts, consider foldable chairs, hammocks and tents to feed your adventurous souls. Now that we’re on the topic of travel, let’s not forget the prospect of gifting your loved one a GoPro or camera to seal the deal. Watch out, Instagram!

For the foodies

What’s Christmas without a feast? While we’ll need an entire blog dedicated to Christmas feasts and a plateful of ideas, we do recommend bringing out the foodie in your lover this season. We’re talking online deals of cooking classes for two, brunch/dinner reservations for some quality intimate time or even a cookbook to experiment. There’s always cutlery sets to spruce up your kitchen and cooking. For the health-conscious foodie, a blender to whip up smoothies is a safe bet too. For some romantic breakfast in bed options, why not check out a waffle-maker for gifting to your significant other.

Tech it up

Tech up your loved  ones Christmas with a few gadget gifts! Amp up the festive spirit with some speakers, or if you’re looking at keeping it spic and span, vacuum cleaners are an interesting alternative. Cinephiles and bookworms can also rejoice this season! Gift each other a Kindle or a film collection to feed your penchants. Yes, in the era of Netflix, a nice DVD of film collections is sure to surprise and delight your significant other while you settle in for a comfy Christmas.

In true spirits

We already mentioned how food and Christmas go hand in hand. But we can all agree that it’s the spirits that truly keep that festive spirit alive. Gift your loved one a classy gin and tonic collection or even a nice bottle of wine to fuel the season of joy! With so many season special gift packs to choose from, it’s hard to run out of choices. Decanter sets are truly elegant gift sets to surprise your lover with, adding charm to his/her home. Take the spirits outdoors with reservations for a wine and cheese tour around you, and let the world know how your love for each other and the season knows no bounds!