For That Picture-Perfect Wedding!


Photography is the answer to nearly anything in life which cannot be put into words. Its magical power of permanently arresting unforgettable emotions and moments makes it an indispensable checklist item for family events and gatherings. It goes without saying that an occasion bustling with fabulous décor, attire, food, all neatly wrapped together is the perfect platform to capture a myriad of memories. Read on for a range of must-have photo memories for your big day….

The Pre-Ceremony Calm Before the Storm

 Let’s begin chronologically. Before the wedding ceremony rollercoaster takes off on its whirlwind journey, there are a handful of calm yet moving memories which are often overlooked. The anticipation blended with excitement on the faces of the bride and the groom make for wonderful moments of memorable candidness. Add to that ‘behind-the-scene’ frames of the bride and groom as they each prepare for one of the biggest moments in their lives.

Rings of Joy

 Wedding rings call for an exclusive mention in our list simply because of how tie together the entire ceremony in the most elegant manner. Apart from its aesthetic design, wedding rings symbolize love and prosperity. Be it a tasteful arrangement of the rings in bowls or bouquets or on hands, close-up shots of the rings are sure to set the tone for the rest of the wedding album.

The Wedding Invitation

Looking for an opening shot for the final wedding album? Shots of the wedding invitation is quite literally an invitation for the viewers to happily proceed onto the rest of the photo collection. Needless to mention, they are both informative and appealing in nature.

Venue Views

 Yet another noteworthy item on our checklist is getting some photographs of the wedding venue before the guests arrive. It’s always nice to look back and beam about your delightful decorating choices, recollecting all those wedding planning memories.

Departure and Arrival

Not to be mistaken with common airline announcements, this category focuses on capturing the moments when the bride and the groom leave for and arrive at the ceremony. Again, these highlight some candid private expressions which are traditionally “blink-and-you-miss” in nature. While photographs may not be able to capture the ‘Here comes the bride’ melody, it certainly frames the bride walking towards the man of her dreams with Dad on her side.  Time again, it melts hearts and win smiles. Not to forget the look of joy, pride and excitement from the groom as he sees her walking the aisle.

Say hello to the bridesmaids and the best man

 While the bride and the groom are sure to steal the spotlight throughout the day, occasionally shifting our focus to the ever-cheerful and gorgeous bridesmaids as well as the dapper best man and groomsmen is a good idea too. Their emotions will be running high and will perfectly complement those of the bride and the groom, making it a perfect balance of portraits.

Vows and Kisses

 Naturally, emotions will be “off the chart”. Close-up candid portraits of the bride and the groom as well as frames of them reading their vows to each other make for breathtaking memories. We recommend indulging in a dash of monochrome for the added deep effect here. The wedding kiss is easily the most romantic sight to behold, and it deserves to be framed for posterity. While a perfect capture of the wedding kiss doesn’t really exist, any well-framed shot soaking in all the tears and smiles is indeed priceless.

The Dance

 Here’s yet another item on our checklist which proves that, sometimes, all you need is merely a visual to preserve a memory. While photography may fail to accommodate all the groovy numbers from the wedding playlist, the pure joy which inevitably accompanies the dance is up for grabs on the faces of the bride and the groom. We are also talking about some stunning silhouettes against the sun while the couple strike a pose or share a moment in between.

 Cakes and Cuisines

 Apart from being joyfully gobbled, the wedding cake serves the purpose of being clicked away for its delectable hues and design. Candid shots of the cake being cut as well as that of the rest of the food served at the wedding can add the much needed sweet and spice to your gallery.

T for Toasts

Still desiring more candid shots of your guests and families? Snapping wedding toasts while they’re being narrated as well as the reactions of the others spoil you for choice when it comes to photographing candid portraits of your nearest and dearest.

Families and getaways

Lastly, capturing families of the couple in their formal poses are a refreshing change from all the candid shots we have recommended so far. These make for great throwbacks and are almost always frame-worthy. As your big day winds towards a bitter-sweet end, don’t forget to get some snaps of the getaway car before heading off on your beautiful journey together.

Thanks to our friends at Ateia Photography ( ) who shared a few tips on planning and capturing the perfect wedding memories.