Graduation done right!

Graduation is an interesting phase of life, in that it doubles up as an end as well as a beginning; an epic culmination of the best years of your life as well as the beginning of an equally epic journey of promises and possibilities. So it goes without saying that the moments shared and memories made during Graduation Day and its subsequent celebrations deserve an impeccable setting. Here are some trendy décor ideas for an uber-cool and memorable graduation day-

Signing up in style!

To start off things, let’s get that guest book up and running. Get your guests at the graduation ceremony to sign on Jenga blocks to (quite literally) pile up some lovely memories. Alternatively, they can also leave their mark at the ceremony with funky thumbprint art guest books. Got a class full of globetrotters or a diverse bunch from around the world? Get them to sign on a globe based on where they’re from or wish to go to, and watch them beam with pride.

 A penny for their thoughts!

 Combine nostalgia and creativity for all the happy graduates and guests, with speech bubble shaped chalkboards. Reading their minds just got way more fun as all the guests are sure to scribble away on them! Want to lend their thoughts a dash of class? Ask your guests to write down their thoughts on a note and roll them up into mini-diploma scrolls. Of course, the classic memory jar is always a go-to idea for warming up all the guests with a nostalgia overload. 

Picture perfect memories!

 Photo booths are (almost a default) inclusion for any Insta-worthy event today! Make sure you double them up with hashtags which are both relatable and quirky at the same time. Hang out a neat string of polaroid photographs for all the guests to view as well as add notes to. Up your photo game a notch with jazzy balloons tied to the photographs as they rise up towards the ceiling, leaving the guests with a delightful view to gaze at, up above.

C for Centerpiece!

We cannot stress enough how much of a difference a lovely centerpiece can make to a Graduation Day! Contrary to popular belief, centerpieces are game changers. It can be something as cute as spray-painting wine bottles with gold and arranging them alongside each other to represent the graduation year. Pendants can also add great value to your centerpiece ideas. Double them up with flowers and photographs of graduates for a vibrant centerpiece.

What’s on the menu?

Be sure to celebrate with oodles of culinary delights on Graduation Day! In case your diplomas weren’t appetizing enough, speak to your venue about menu options that will stir up nostalgia and have your guests coming back for more. Since the big day is also largely about what the future holds for graduates, a fun idea is to include an assortment of Fortune Cookies for all to enjoy the truly thematic setting. Consider cupcakes used as a base for cute and personalized toppers with messages for each graduate. Try to incorporate some Pineapple in there somewhere given it is a fruit which also happens to be a symbol of luck and wealth. Another cute party favour idea is filling up empty champagne flutes with candy, topping them with graduation caps for some fun and a heart-warming décor!

Indeed, Graduation Days are all about reliving an overdose of nostalgia as well as looking forward to a future filled with opportunities. And while you take in all that emotion and drama on the big day, surrounding yourself with all things reminiscent and heart-warming related to those college days, you will find yourself both comforted and excited, loving every moment of the celebrations.