How to get everyone involved in wedding planning?

  • When it comes to weddings, there are two instances when the motto ‘the more, the merrier’ holds true – wedding planning and the guest list. While the latter is more personal in nature and can usually depend on couples and their families involved, wedding planning follows a flow of events which are, on most occasions, common across most weddings and can use all the extra hands it can get.

In our earlier blogs, you may have read about the different elements and professional assistance which come together in wedding planning stages. Today, we look at how we can take this a step further and get more people involved in the flow of events enroute to a happy and memorable wedding-

Maid of Honour

As maid of honour, you are expected to be there for the bride through the best and worst of times during the planning as well as on the big day – From attending dress fittings, assisting brides in picking the right outfit, attending the wedding rehearsal, to donning multiple hands-on roles on the day of the ceremony such as welcoming guests and taking care of guests as well as escorting the bride and the man out of the wedding.

Best Man

You’re called best man for a reason – and in this case, there are plenty of tasks lined up for you in the wedding planning stage. Apart from the cliched tasks of being the official witness, delivering the speech and sharing messages from the guests on, the best man is expected to get involved in lead up activities such as selecting, briefing and being responsible for ushers, attending suit fittings along with the groom, helping the couple with selecting their outfit for the big day and also getting involved in the wedding rehearsal.  As a follow up post the wedding, the best man can also be involved in coordinating with suppliers, bill settlements and arranging wedding gifts as well as the groom’s suit to be taken home.

Father of the bride

The father of the bride has a similar yet a tad bit more emotional role to play in wedding planning. Attending suit fittings, writing and practicing speeches and getting involved in wedding rehearsals are basic roles expected to be donned by the father of the bride. Of course, on the day of the wedding is where it gets emotional in terms of receiving guests, proposing the final toast, giving away the bride as well as escorting the mother of the bride from the ceremony.


Largely managed by the maid of honour, bridesmaids are also expected to attend dress fittings as well as wedding rehearsals. On the day, activities include following the maid of honour up the aisle as well as out of the ceremony, looking after the culinary and hospitality needs of guests as well helping

Flower Girls

Flower girls are increasingly becoming more involved in the pre-wedding phase; and for good reason. They are actively involved in dress fitting sessions and wedding rehearsals, along with bridesmaids and the maid of honour. This is a good way to help them understand the larger picture and maintain their interest and involvement for the rest of the planning and execution phase.


Wedding ushers arguably have the most hands-on and operational level of involvement in wedding planning. They are actively involved in sessions of suit fittings and wedding rehearsal arrangements, assisting the best man and the others with day-to-day tasks. On the day of the wedding, ushers are involved in helping the bridesmaids and the best man for pre-planned and impromptu tasks which may emerge, guest management, general directions and service around the venue as well as hospitality-related services.

Other friends and family

Needless to mention, friends and family can offer immense sources of support and assistance during the wedding planning. Tasks like offering moral support and confidence to people assigned to give a reading during the ceremony, appointing the ring bearer, taking care of selecting and directing musicians and/or the wedding band during the service or reception are just a few among the many integral tasks which they can be involved in. Additionally, inviting guests, choosing witnesses and more serious natured wedding tasks are areas, families and friends can get involved in.

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