Lights, camera, dance!

They say that there are a few shortcuts to happiness in life, and dancing is one of them. Choosing that shortcut on one of the happiest days of your life can be both exciting and challenging; much like your first dance itself. Whether you have two left feet or a certificate in setting the dance floor on fire, we at Manor on High would like to share a few essentials to keep in mind while choosing your first wedding dance.

Discovering the common interest

It’s perfectly natural if you and your fiancée don’t have the same taste in music. After all, opposites often attract. We recommend going through a list of music genres, cancelling the genres which aren’t mutually enjoyed, to finally agreeing on that one genre liked in equal measure by both parties. If not music genres, sifting through a list of popular artists or music albums is a good idea too.

Some lyrics to smile about

Yes, we know that dancing is more to do with rhythm and beats of a song, but a first dance at a wedding is a unique exception. Your first dance song should ideally be brimming with nostalgia, if both of you have been together for quite a while. It can also symbolise a special moment in your life which is to be cherished forever. Of course, if it is just far too difficult to pick one, we recommend choosing a dance song which is in line with the theme of the wedding.

Some beats to groove to

This recommendation goes hand in hand with the previous one. We don’t need to reassure you how you don’t really need a choreographer if you can get comfortable and naturally groovy with the wedding song. Once you have chosen your song based on the lyrics, all you need to do is customize its beats from the wedding DJ or band to hit the sweet spot of easy dancing. The swaying, the box step and the dip will all follow based on the rhythm of the wedding song and the flow of the dance itself.

DJ or the wedding band?

This question presents yet another challenging choice to make. Keep in mind how the overall theme of the wedding will largely determine whether a DJ is required, or a wedding band, or even a combination of both. Often, wedding bands have their own bank of classic first dance numbers for nearly all wedding types. That said, the more one wishes to customize their wedding, the lesser the chances are for the wedding band to necessarily have that wedding dance song up their sleeves. While we do recommend informing and discussing the first dance song details with the wedding band beforehand, hiring a wedding DJ can open a few more possibilities. Pre-set playlists with any desired level of personalization along with impromptu mixes and effects are sure to spice up any wedding dance in a wink.

It's all about the timing

If we had it our way, we would have liked everyone to dance the night away. Unfortunately, weddings are time-bound events and usually turn out being an experience to cherish because of their ideal duration. First dance songs are no exception to this rule, with the right amount of time this experience is as enjoyable for the couple as it is for the guests. An ideal range of four to four and a half minutes is usually preferred to accommodate all the snazzy moves, the sweet nothings, the occasional pecks and the guests’ “awws” and whistles.

Like we mentioned earlier, the experience of discovering the right kind of first dance is almost as fascinating as the dance itself. While there is a never-ending list of songs, artists and albums to explore, finding that one number which makes it all worth it is a truly satisfying feeling.  Hopefully the tips above will assist you in working together to find your perfect first dance moment.