Questions you need to ask your venue manager

They say that the golden rule in event management is that if it seems easy, you’re doing it wrong. While this contradicts nearly everything we’ve shared with you in our previous blogs about cracking the mantra of delivering successful events, we’d also like to remind you why exactly venue managers exist. Gifted with the skills of impeccable decision-making and attention to detail, venue managers are your guiding light in picking the right venue for your dream event. Here are a few questions you might want to keep handy while approaching them-

Budget & price please?

Let’s begin with the basics. A well-structured and comprehensive proposal that includes costings presented by your venue manager will give you a sense of how you want to plan your event as well as better understand the manager’s attention to detail.  Ask about whether the venue has a standard minimum spend for every event, the refund value as well as terms and conditions around that, other packages on offer and you might be pleasantly surprised at the difference in charges for weekdays and weekends.

What’s your specialization?

Here’s when your tête-à-tête with your venue manager begins to sound a little like an interview. Find out about his/her specialization when it comes to venue management, it  helps you make a mental note of how well experienced and equipped the manager is for delivering your event. Their problem-solving and innovative skills in utilizing the venue effectively for your event can be put to test by asking this question – checking out references and testimonials from previous clientele who have worked with the venue and manager can come in handy too.

Tell me more about the space

It goes without saying that your guests and their comfort is your top priority at the event. Asking your venue manager about how well the space accommodates your estimated number of guests is, therefore, quite vital. Additionally, the availability and provision for any the additional activities you may have planned for your event like registration, cocktails and the like, are also important aspects of the overall event and should be raised with your venue manager before going ahead. Find out more about how the space will allow the overall flow of your event, along with the condition, color and décor of the venue, so that you can envisage your guests’ overall experience much beforehand.

What about catering?

Does the venue in question have on-site catering? If yes, what are the menu details and is there flexibility? If not, what kind of additional charges can you expect for third-party vendors? What are the food and drink minimums, if any? Understanding details such as these help you in arranging for, what we believe, is a basic and integral component of nearly any event. Additionally, based on last-minute revisions to your guest list and their requirements, it is important to find out what kind of notice period is required and how flexible they are with dietary requirements.

How extensive and reliable are the amenities?

Based on the nature of your event, you may need signages and/or displays for informative and directional purposes. Additionally, some events may also do well with a dedicated information desk, concierge or even business centre. Asking your venue manager about how the venue can support you in providing these kind of amenities.

What more can you tell us about the venue’s utilities?

Details about the venue’s lighting, heating and cooling systems are also integral points of discussion in order to deliver a great guest experience. Another common element of most events is the requirement for a sound AV and acoustics system. Ask about the acoustics to as well as the provision of vendors to assist you in with these needs.

Tell us more about the venue’s parking, security & privacy

Based on how intimate or confidential your event is, the provision of privacy from public view explains a lot about how customizable the venue is. Additionally, ample free parking and transportation options must be discussed.  Last but certainly not the least, ask your venue manager about how equipped his/her team and the venue is itself is, with regard to having in place a security system and personnel – for both everyday and emergency cases.