Summer of love, joy and weddings!

They say that the tans will fade but the memories will last forever. Be it a holiday in the sun or a summer wedding tis the season to remember for all the right reasons! Summer stands for all things bright, happy and vivacious, just like your perfect wedding tale. We’re looking at some top ten trends for your summertime celebration….

#10 Retro Weddings

These can literally never get old. With brides walking down the aisle in sneakers and ditching the tedious heel, retro weddings can both excite the young and warm up the old. We're talking polka dots and hip hop, coca cola and bold colors!

#9 Hue Are You?

Colours are an essential ingredient in new-age wedding themes. Expect to see a wildly divergent palette with bold colors making a statement in combination with the usual soft pastels.

The Oxblood tinge adds a wonderful depth to wedding themes, doubling up well with pastels like peach and dusty green. If you’re looking to add some bling then consider a combination including silver and/or gold.

For those who want to keep it bold but classy, check out Sap Green and Lilac.  A splash of ochre is sure to brighten up the ambience, with the presence of white both balancing the bold and lending a touch of tradition.

Lavender, Steel and Tangerine are jewel tones which are regal and fun at the same time. What's more? Tulips, a must-have in wedding decorations, come in tangerine and lavender too!

#8 The Travelers' Wedding

Why have destination weddings when the destinations can come to you? We have more people coming together because of their love for travel. With vintage suitcases, highlights from the couples' travel adventures and international elements, the travelers’ wedding is a great getaway for guests and couples alike!

#7 The Bridesmaids’ Dresses

We all know that bridesmaids are your go-to squad. Naturally, what they wear on your big day can change the game. Getting your bridesmaids dressed in different shades of the theme colors adds variety and creates a beautiful ombre look in pictures. For the groomsmen, a bright tie does the trick. Shades of teal or hot pink are perfect.

#6 For the love of Sport

 You can’t quite get away from sport when you’re in the sports capital of the world. And no, even weddings aren’t an exception. Exit with pom-poms, trophy centerpieces, banners, cheers, and game-inspired finger food. Need we say more?

#5 Wine smoothies

 Smoothies were foodies' highlight of 2017 and they are now making a comeback at weddings, with a twist. In keeping with the spirit of summer, a fruity flavor like rose blended with seasonal berries could be the attraction at the bar. Cheers to that!

 #4 Donut and Trail Mix Bars

 Let there be food, let there be fun. An open donut bar is just as fun as cocktails these days and fit right between class and quirk. Balance it out with pretty pouches of trail mix for those healthy guests.

 #3 An invitation to a greener future

 Not just to save the environment, ditching paper for invitations is great for a memorable invite that will get your guests excited about what's in store. Leather and jute scrolls are elegant, exclusive and not too pricey! For the online-friendly lot, a wedding hashtag invite is sure to get the conversation and excitement rolling.

#2 The Cake Table

 Assortment is always a great idea. How many times have you been to be a wedding where you wished there would be options for cake? Think summer flavors like plush and berry, melons, key lime and peach with citrusy cream base.  A cake table with varied confectionary assortments and one mid-sized show stopper will be sure to please even your most discerning guests.

 #1 A Geometrical Paradise

 The hottest trend at the NY Fashion week this year and forecasted to be the trendiest wedding theme for 2018. Geometrical shapes incorporated on cakes, centerpieces and even furniture will give your wedding the edgy look you're looking for. What’s more, it does a good job of keeping the OCD in you at peace!

Indeed, summer is all about setting and following a vibrant range of trends for a wedding to remember. While these are some of the top trends highly recommended, remember we offer a whole range of customized options and services for your wedding event preparations!