Summer Wedding Outfits for Him!

Wedding bells know no rhyme, reason or season. Each is characterized by its own unique charm, excitement and memories. Summer weddings are no different offering opportunities for the bride and the groom to take their fashion sensibilities to a whole new level. So, attention men! We’ve got you covered for summer wedding outfit ideas for the most important day of your life-

Uniqueness is everything

 Always remember this- There are going to be plenty of other men at the wedding looking dashing, from the ushers, groomsmen, right through to your guests. Standing out and looking your best is, needless to mention, key.  Consider getting in touch with a local tailor for the ultimate customization of your suit, for a unique design and a crisp fit for your shoulders or even just to get that hem in the perfect position.

Accessorize it up!

The devil is in the detail when it comes to dressing up for a summer wedding.  Don’t hold yourself back when it comes to looking for a good watch, a knitted tie or even a pair of intricately designed formal shoes. Don’t forget a pair of sunglasses to cool it up to the next level!

Prints and patterns

Introducing prints and patterns to a groom’s wedding look adds a layer of personalization to the overall outfit. The casual-warm weather wedding aligns well with a checked shirt of either navy-blue hues. Light gray is yet another important colour in the summer wedding palette.  Bow ties and suspenders are another exciting opportunity to have some fun with prints and patterns.  Be sure to include the 2Ps of summer wedding outfits for men on your must-have list.

Hues of summer

One of the things which makes summer weddings truly stunning is the overall colour palette used in each element of the wedding, including that of the groom’s outfits. Let’s not forget temperatures are traditionally higher for a summer wedding. A colour palette including lighter shades of grey, cream, beige and blue is recommended for wedding suits. Of course, for a more casual and fun look, go ahead and say yes to colourful chinos and slacks.

Minimalism anyone?

If the thought of a full wedding suit in the heat of Summer is not sitting well with you, we’ve got some ideas for groom outfits that will retain the charm, elegance and style simply by letting go of a few conventional elements. For instance, conventional wedding jackets can often leave grooms a little uncomfortable on a sunny summer afternoon. Up the comfort levels by swapping them with vests, leaving you with a happy groom exuding a vintage vibe. How about switching out a tie for a bowtie with a short sleeve shirt, or, lose it altogether with a statement shirt that still pulls off an elegant and appropriate wedding look for the day.

If these minimalistic ideas for summer wedding grooms aren’t enough, we’ve got one more coming your way- wedding shorts! For the seaside wedding locale, what better way to add to the happy vibe than by wearing shorts that work in with the rest of your planned attire!