Summering up your wedding this season!

If there’s one thing more relaxing and enjoyable than summer, it’s attending a summer wedding itself. With the sun providing pleasant warmth as well as great lighting for photography, it’s a season which has all the right ingredients to make the happiest day of your life truly memorable.

Read on for a few essential dos and don’ts to keep in mind while planning a summer wedding so as to say goodbye to possible inconveniences for all the guests, families as well as the bride and groom….

Venue know it, you know it

Let’s start the basics. Summer weddings are summer weddings primarily because of the idyllic venues they are hosted at. While outdoor venues are too hard to resist for such an occasion, we believe in a happy compromise is an indoor-outdoor location. This ensures a smart blend of a dreamy venue as well as a comfortable one, since guests can choose between staying outdoor and bask in the summer sun or enjoy the shade indoors. This is particularly useful when some of your guests may be elderly or even pregnant.

Beat the heat

There’s a fine line between enjoying the warmth and sweating your soul out at a summer wedding. For the same reason, we believe that hydration and shade are equally vital to make the experience worthwhile. Ensure that there’s enough refreshments, ice buckets and the like readily accessible at the venue. Guests can also be provided with ice-cold hand towels via ushers to say no to a sweaty evening.  

Check in with your venue about the cooling and don’t hesitate to rent out portable fans which do the job as well as remain relatively silent throughout the course of the event. Consider adding a layer of personalization by providing a tastefully branded paper fan or even battery-operated portable fans to guests to beat the heat and look good while doing it.

All about the sun & bugs

Another drawback a summer wedding is challenged by is the often-unsparing amount of sunlight which can inconvenience everyone present. As for the bride, groom and attendants, make sure you apply sunscreen on any exposed part of your skin. Using a foundation or powder with enough SPF is a wise idea too. As for the guests who are attending, make sure that all washrooms are equipped with enough sunscreen wipes and bug repellant spray throughout the course of the event.

Dress to kill (the summer heat)

While weddings are a beautiful excuse to look your dashing best, let’s not forget how summers can sweat up your plans sometimes. A lighter fabric for the wedding gown is always a smart idea while we a tuxedo which breathes is also essential to allow the happy couple to remain happy throughout the course of the wedding. Hairstyles need to be a lot sleeker instead of curled up or sculpted, since the latter can end up looking like a disaster in the humid and hot weather. Avoid the glaring shine on your nose and forehead by equipping yourself with enough blotting paper and powder- after all, wedding photography awaits one and all!

Flower power

Keeping flowers fresh during summer is a task in itself. Make sure your wedding floral designers are well-informed and prepared when it comes to water sources for all the wedding flowers. Choosing the type of flowers to suit the weather is also a good idea, with single-stemmed ones being both a budget-friendly and durable option. For instance, a sprig in water-filled vases make for a smart alternative at each guest table owing to its summer endurance and its natural beauty. Ensure that all your wedding flowers are well refrigerated prior to the wedding so that the moisture and colour is retained.

Lighten up the menu

We don’t want to sound like biology nerds here, but let’s face it- heavy food and summer don’t go well together. We recommend seasonal, local and fresh produce for your menu, laden with fruits and veggies. Gazpacho shots, salads, cold seafood and the like are both budget-friendly as well as scrumptious particularly during summer. Frozen cocktails are also best enjoyed in a warm and pleasant weather as are fresh and cool desserts.

Save the Date well in advance

Lastly but importantly, we recommend sending out Save the Dates to all guests well in advance for a summer wedding. This is particularly important because summer is naturally the best time for families and friends to plan their vacation getaways. We don’t want you to miss out on celebrating your happiest day with people who matter the most to you!