The Internet - Your Wedding's Best Friend

They say that there are two defining stages in your life which test your character to the limit- building your first home and planning your wedding. While the former is undeniable fraught with challenges, that’s another blog entirely. We know that planning a wedding is both exciting and exhausting bringing with it a stress not commonly experienced. One of the most special days of your life deserves the best of everything- invitations, attire, venue, food, wine, décor, photographs (the list is almost as long as the one with all the memories you plan to share with your special someone). We’re hoping to help keep those stress levels at a minimum so we’ve turned to the internet for some handy and bookmark-worthy websites for the ultimate wedding planning experience!  

All-rounder apps and websites

Before we look at specialized apps and websites which cater to exclusive facets of wedding planning, let us explore some online all-rounders in wedding planning assistance.

The Knot

This site is your best bet, offering all elements of wedding planning. With no in-app purchases and a user-friendly interface, the app also offers discounts on activities like shopping!

iwedding Deluxe

It is also a great option with exciting services. A noteworthy highlight of the app is that it condenses contacts, conversations and everything in line with the wedding; sort of like a handy notebook with all details in one place. Android users look away, because iWedding Deluxe is not available on Android at the moment.

Here you can download free wedding spreadsheets for the big day, they are super-detailed with great checklists to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Show me the money

A perfectly planned budget is key to a priceless wedding! The wedding budget planner section on Truebride provides a detailed online cost calculator, with an estimate for each item on your checklist. The list also suggests the average cost for each item to get a better understanding of the regional wedding market. Once you have your budget in place, make use of on-the-go budget trackers like Mint. Unlike other budget apps where details are manually added, Mint is linked to your credit cards for an accurate expenditure breakdown. You can set your (realistic) limits on different categories like food, shopping and the like.

RSVP-ing in the 21st century

What’s a wedding without starry-eyed guests? Save them the trouble of skimming through emails by allowing them to RSVP on websites and stay updated with all the details of the wedding.  

Riley and Grey

For a clean, classy and sophisticated look, is a great choice.


If creativity is what you’re looking for, Joy is a quirky alternative. Joy also doubles up as a shared app where guests have access, keeping everyone connected!


For that cordial invitation


Etsy offers a vibrant range of wedding invite themes, with prices per invite as low as $5 and even lower on bulk orders.

Fashionably together

While most lovely ladies know exactly how they want to look like on their wedding day, the ones who aren’t as certain can start their journey of inspiration online! 

Essence Designs

Essence Designone-stopne stop shop for a delightful variety of personalized styles, with specialized filters based on silhouettes, necklines, waistlines and other latest trends. What’s more, online purchase is available too!

Nearly Newlywed

For those willing to don a pre-loved outfit, head to Nearly Newlywed for elegant ranges starting from as affordable as $500. Keep this website in mind if you would like to re-sell your attire after the big day.

Black Tie Classic

Grooms can up their swagger quotient on Black Tie Classic  by choosing from rental styles such as Bond, Paris, Monaco and the like.


What’s better than making a million memories? Capturing them for eternity! 


Snapknot lists down top wedding photographers in your area, letting you browse through samples and price quotes of their projects. 


Once you use Snapknot to upload and share wedding snaps with guests on the website, Veri sets up an album based on pictures from contacts in real time.


Performers has a generous database of performers from across the country; a lot like Yellow Pages for performers and artists, with access to their top songs and bands.

Remember, if you prefer to do research offline then the experienced team at Manor on High have a list of suppliers and preferred partners to consider when you are planning your Melbourne wedding. Feel free to request the list, contact, speak to and meet up with to start planning your wedding event.