There is no such thing as too much cheese

If you’re of the belief that cheese should only be part of foods like pizza and pasta, your dating game needs some serious upgrades. Yes, love is a dish best served with cheese and dates are your best bet at getting the job done. While choosing a good date place is often an unending series of “I don’t know, you pick” being thrown at each other among couples, a surprise cheesy date can often seal the deal. Here are a few unabashedly cheesy date ideas you should add to your list-

Don the Chef's Hat

Let’s start with something which is easy on the pocket. Calling your partner over and cooking for him/her is a cheesy but heartfelt date idea. The element of surprise here can spice up your equation too! What’s even better, is that you can also cook together and learn more about each other.

Go Stargazing 

Sticking with budget friendly - all you really need is the weather to behave itself and some open space. Lying down next to your date and staring into the twinkling sky is a tried and tested date idea, approved both by pop culture and real life. Stargazing is a great opportunity to open up to your date and get to know each other with some rambling conversations, eventually leaving you both starry-eyed for each other.

Chase the Sun

Catching the sunrise and sunset with your date may sometimes invite a yawn, but a stunning locale can soon fix that. Once again, cheese meets soul-searching in such dates, where conversations and sweet nothings are key. What’s more, you’ve got a few breathtaking, well-lit shots for your social media feed.

Unwind at A Drive-In Movie 

 When all else fails, there’s always cinema. Head to the nearest drive-in movie with your date to sit back and relax. As long as both of you are having a good time, even the kind of movie doesn’t really matter. Sorry Netflix, we’re sticking to old school.

Two to Tango

 For a change, it doesn’t really matter if you have two left feet. Take a dance class together and turn your weakness into an adorable mess of laughter and fun! Dancing together is sure to break the ice as well as let the two of you bond on a more intimate level. Your dates can only get better and more exciting from there!

A for Arcade  

 Since dating is no child’s play, we recommend turning to what you enjoyed the most as kids. Taking your date out to a gaming arcade also means instantly letting go of your inhibitions and coyness.  For all you know, both of you might just end up discovering that you share similar interests in video games- and a little competition hurt nobody.

All the Right Notes

 Strike all the right notes with your date at a local music gig or even a concert. While the expenses involved can vary and pose to be a deciding factor, let’s not forget that people can seriously bond over their taste in music.  Music is the answer to most of life’s questions, and it is no different for a cheesy date.