Top 10 School Dance Themes

Some of the best memories made in school are all thanks to school dances.  It’s the outfits, the preparations, the dancefloor, the selfies, the venue and of course the themes!  We’ve put together a top 10 list of school dance themes which are not only on trend but will deliver guaranteed fun …

Rolling out the Red Carpet

Hollywood is always the answer for classy and grand. Set up starry backdrops around the room, along with the quintessential ‘Hollywood’ sign banner for a truly special dance theme. As the students walk in on the red carpet dressed up as their favourite movie star, keep the paparazzi alive with photo sessions and awards for the best dancer, best dressed and the like.

Lighting It Up

The glow-in-the-dark dance theme is among the most spectacular themes in our list. Invite your students to dress up in white or light hues, with glow bracelets in place of entry tickets. If that’s not enough, set up a face painting area where they can get their faces painted in groovy glow paint!  Additionally, neon lighting can lend an undeniably crazy vibe to the dance floor.

Around the World in One Dance

Geography lessons never sounded this fun! Invite your students to dress up in the attire of choice from any corner of the world. Your guest list can instead be a globe where they can pin their country of choice as they make their way in. Pep it up with playlists and décor also based on the various ethnicities on the dance floor. After all, variety is indeed the spice of life!

Tropical Treats

While we can’t take your school dance to a tropical island, we surely can bring the tropics to the dance floor!  Invite the students in floral casuals, sunglasses and straw hats.  Surfboards and palm trees are essentials on your list of décor items with fruit punch or coconut water as a refreshing welcome drink.  

For That Haunting Memory

They say that the best memories are the most surprising ones. So let’s take it a step further at your school dance with a haunted theme. A completely blacked out room, fog machines, giant spider webs… you name it! Don’t forget to hang those giant spider props, creepy lanterns and candle lights, for students to make their way through to get to the dance floor. Halloween remixes for your playlists are easily accessed and perfectly suited for a dance to remember!

The Carnival Craze

Carnivals are probably the happiest kind of parties that exist! Consider truckloads of cotton candy, popcorn and caramel apples as must-haves on your carnival themed school dance party. Nothing says party like red and white stripes on the dancefloor. Peppy instrumental music is a good start to your playlist while stalls for fortune-telling, face painting and the like will keep the two-left feet party-goers on their toes.

M for Magi

If dances can be magical, so can their themes! Decorate your school dance party with toy rabbits and silver tissues while your guests can be served fortune cookies and jelly beans. Black capes and wands make for a classy dress code while a hired magician to entertain the guests in between the dances is a pleasing fit.

Masquerade It Up

Flamboyant colours are key in any masquerade party, alongside classy décor such as chandeliers, glitter and feathers. The best part? The masks for students are both homemade as well as being tickets for entry. Naturally, the quirkiest mask is up for a prize! The playlist is ambient yet elegantly groovy to teleport all the guests back to the early 20th century.

 Back to Hogwarts

 We couldn’t possibly compile a school dance theme list without Harry Potter making an appearance! The Yule Ball is a forever favorite for a plethora of reasons. Ice sculptures, fake snow, twinkling lights and Christmas trees set the mood for a truly spectacular evening. The invitations are invitation letters to Hogwarts itself, with the dress code different according to the four houses of Hogwarts. Dance the night away to violins and cellos playing in the background!