Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Decor Ideas

They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And when it comes to weddings, there is absolutely no compromise when it comes to all things beautiful. While the bride and groom are naturally going to steal the show on the big day, all the elements going into the decorations at the venue are sure to share the limelight if picked, designed and arranged fabulously. While the idea of beauty in this scenario is going to be subjective in nature, we have put together a few online and offline destinations for you to discover some of the best wedding décor for one of the happiest days of your life-


Their tagline succinctly sums up their brand effectiveness and success- “Your perfect day made easy!” Easy Weddings has a separate section dedicated to discovering wedding supplies and decorations around your geographic location. With filters based on range of costs, looking for a wedding décor supplier who deals with floral designs, centerpieces and the like, to best suit your needs is just a click away. Each supplier listed on the website also has a tab to submit price requests along with basic contact information and details about wedding décor required, thus helping you avoid the hassle of being redirected from the website to other online portals.


Looking for an online destination to browse through a delightful range of wedding décor and suppliers and shop for what caught your attention? Pink Frosting is what you’re looking for. From categories as specific as wedding car decorations, guest books, flower girl baskets and ribbons to name a few, the website hosts a comprehensive collection of essential wedding décor, spoiling you for choice. The website’s interface is user-friendly and helps one navigate from page to page with appropriate filters of budget, wedding theme and the like. Wedding décor products offered are usually very  affordable and are available for home delivery with zero hassle. Pink Frosting makes “all of life’s celebrations” quite memorable indeed.


Affordability meets elegance at The Vintage Press’ range of wedding décor. Essentials like placing cards, seating charts and gift tags are available at rates as affordable as around $3.50 per item on the website. Needless to mention, they are available for online ordering and delivery. What makes the four-year-old brand truly distinct is that all products are entirely handmade, ensuring that the customizations requested for by online orders are met with great satisfaction. Additionally, The Vintage Press also provides an extremely handy extension of firstly sending a sample of the décor purchased online. This gives the online shopper a touch and feel experience of the product before confirming its final approval. Orders once placed are non-refundable.


Nobody can say no to free shipping! Gem’s Wedding Supplies knows that all too well and has an exciting range of wedding décor for free country-wide shipping. With décor and material sourced from within and beyond the country, the brand maintains a desirable collection of top wedding trends and ideas, with suitable décor and accessories for both weddings and engagements. Not to mention hassle free return policies!


While a lion’s share of the current generation is tech savvy and trust the internet for all their choices and shopping needs, nothing is quite the same as experiencing the touch and feel elements of your shopping items in person. The same goes for wedding décor shopping where a direct personal experience can sometimes make all the difference in assembling the wedding of your dreams! With wedding expos commonly hosted around Melbourne, there is always an event on somewhere that will connect you to  experts from the industry. Bridal Expos Australia  has a delightfully wide range of wedding expo events. Their website also has essential information regarding questions one can prepare and ask the wedding experts at these expos, ensuring that the event attendance is both worthwhile and enjoyable for both parties involved. Similarly, Wedding Expos Australia hosts a comprehensive range of events across Australia, with their website sharing links to gain more information and register.  


We’ve kept social media’s most good-looking platform for the last. Among other designs, templates and illustrative ideas for virtually anything at all, Pinterest also has an extensive range of branded and user-generated wedding décor ideas on its site. While a lot of them are customized in theme and nature, they provide some useful perspective and starting points to explore more wedding décor ideas and themes for the happiest day of your life!