Your Ultimate To-Do List (Part One)

The only thing which is arguably as exciting and exhausting as your wedding is the planning which goes behind it. While our previous blogs have shared handy and fascinating tips and tricks about different aspects which go into wedding planning and execution, we want to step it up with a comprehensive to-do list ..

Read on for part one and stay tuned for part two…

#1 Show me the money!

If you’re a regular follower of our blogs, you would’ve known by now how much we believe in determining event budgets to ensure a successful start to the overall planning. That holds true for weddings as well. Get cracking with the numbers, sort out your top priorities, as well as pre-planning for last-minute changes of any sort- a comprehensive spreadsheet (however boring that might sound) can come in handy to do all that math. 

#2 Who’s coming?

Here’s where a solid budget will prove (for the first among a million more times) just how essential it is. While the wedding venue can also play a part in determining how many people you actually want to invite (we’ll get to the venue soon enough), who’s paying for what and all related negotiations are super important. Between the bride and the groom, their parents and other close family members, sorting out and agreeing upon proportions on this front will help finalise the ultimate guest list.

#3 Make way for the wedding planner!

While you’ve got the ball rolling with less than a year to go, only an expert can ensure its smooth sailing across the rest of the timeline. Wedding planners are obviously a big part of your budget, and can, in turn, help solidify/expand the budget getting helping to achieve the “best bang for your buck”. Trust us, sometimes, too many cooks can spoil the broth- and a perfect wedding planner is almost always the superhero you need for a stress free and super successful wedding!

#4 Venue know it, you know it.

While the romantics in some of us can argue about how a wedding is between two souls, let’s face it- we need to see it to believe it. And the right venue sets the stage for a happy and unforgettable wedding in more ways than one. The perfect locale, overall theme as well as the (less fancy-sounding) logistics, catering and feasibility of wedding venues are integral points to keep in mind while researching. Like we mentioned earlier, the right wedding venue can also seal the deal with regard to your invite list and budget. Remember, an overarching wedding colour theme and design can make or break the venue so be sure to consider that when choosing your venue.

#5 Catering to the caterers

It’s true, guests at weddings fondly remember the wedding vows, dress, the venue, the cute flower girl and of course the food. Hiring the right caterer for you and your guest is integral to the success of your big day.  From picking the right cocktail to arranging for a variety of cuisines for your nearest and dearest ones, let creativity and care take over! The final tasting sessions and diet confirmations can always be done much closer to the wedding day.  However, locking in the right caterer should be done at the same time you lock in your venue.

#6 Vendors et al.

Wedding venue.. tick - but what about the team of people for all those other things that make your day perfect? Hiring vendors ranging from photographers, DJs, videographer and the like can be both fun and a little overwhelming – given how we’re almost always spoilt for choice with so many talented artists ready to don the various roles. Flexibility is key here as there are many other moving parts like the venue and budget which should mutually accommodate your choice of vendors.

#7 Addressing the dress!

In case you were missing the shopaholic in you by this point, here’s an opportunity to momentarily revive him/her. Wedding dress shopping is probably going to be the most important retail therapy you will ever have to indulge in – who wouldn’t want to look their very best on the happiest day of their life? Align your shopping choices with your wedding theme and budget (or turn the tables around in case you’ve struck gold with something you found while browsing), and you’re good to go!

#8 U, me and the URL

Now is a good time to consult a reliable web designer and get the wedding website up and running. With the save-the-dates fast approaching to be sent out to your final guest lists, the wedding website URL is naturally going to their “go to”. Needless to mention, replicate the wedding theme and style online as well, to maintain consistency and a memorable storyline.

#9 Shifting our attention back to the guests...

Block accommodation for all your guests from the final list you compiled much earlier. A bulk booking made well in advance can land you a discounted rate as well as a hassle-free experience for your invitees. Shifting your focus to the wedding invitation and save-the-dates can be a wise move up next, making sure that a lucid yet tastefully done design is maintained across each piece. Personalization is key here especially since it’s all about creating a lasting first impression via these invites. Sending these invites can be done just two months out from the wedding date but having them planned out in advance saves time and stress in the long run.

#10 Gift registrations!

Here’s another opportunity for you to get to know your partner better. Registering for gifts together naturally aligns both your needs and perspectives and helps you tailor your choices in an effective and useful manner - of course, we’re talking about the gifts that will fit in perfectly with the future you’ve planned together!

So, there is plenty to digest from part one of our comprehensive to do list. If you found this helpful, then we know you’re going to enjoy part two just as much.  Stay tuned for helpful tips, hints and recommendations