Your Ultimate To-Do List (part two)

Last week we started you off with part one of our ultimate To-Do list for the big day.  Read on and discover more great tips, hints and recommendations…

#1 C for Counseling

Obviously, you’ve come this far in the relationship and want to seal it with a wedding is amazing! Why not, improve your chances of making the union last forever with some pre-marital counseling to bring you even closer, enriching your bond even more.   An unbiased third-party expert can do wonders in further strengthening the relationship, cementing a fantastic future together. 

#2 C is also for Cake

That’s right. Cakes and weddings are a match made in heaven, second only to the happy couple themselves. Selecting the right cake involves both a question of the taste as well as its consistency with the wedding’s overall theme. Getting this in place around 3-4 months before the wedding is highly recommended, so that you have a wide enough window period with the baker and the designer to settle for the right cake and price.

#3 The Vow Factor!

Put on your creative (and emotive) hats and pen away everything you have in mind about your partner. Writing wedding vows can be a deeply personal yet satisfying affair, and getting that ticked off your list around 3 months before the wedding will give you enough time to let it all sink in. Of course, the vows can be funny, emotional, nostalgic or a wonderful mix of it all. While you’re at it, don’t forget to select readings – be it religious or otherwise for your ceremony.

#4 Making it ‘Officiant'

The availability, fee and more importantly, the actual eligibility of your wedding officiant are just a few of the many things you need to keep in mind as you approach the big day. Having a common consensus with the officiant about the tone of the wedding as well as the overall smooth running of the most solemn aspect of the event is vital.

#5 Dress trials and fitting

While you already have selected the wedding dress of your choice, ensuring that it fits well, and you look your dreamy best is equally essential. There may be regular fittings during the lead up but we recommend the last fitting session is done as close as possible to the wedding date to ensure any last minute attempts at toning up or trimming down can be allowed for.

#6 Licensed to marry!

Picking up your marriage licenses sounds like an obvious thing to do – but there are many things to keep in mind while doing so. Region-specific requirements and laws, costs, how long it’ll take, destination wedding-related specific conditions (if any) and the like. Be sure you look at the fine print and give yourselves plenty of time to organize the “paperwork”.

#7 Gift bag/Bonbonniere

As you approach the last month before the wedding day, make sure that all gift bags and or bonbonniere are arranged and if required, assembled. Gifts to say thank you to your guests can be personalized, functional, or quite simply in line with the wedding theme.

#8 Vendor payments

While you would’ve arranged for the relevant vendors to shine during your day, don’t forget you also have to make sure you pay them. Make it hassle-free on the day by getting this done within the final month before the wedding.  Another great tip is getting that spreadsheet up and running to track suppliers and payments.  This way, in the final lead up excessive last-minute commotions and back-and-forth communication is eliminated.

#9 Setting the seating chart

This is as equally challenging as the guest list task we listed much earlier. Based on the venue’s floor plan and the wedding theme, the seating chart arrangement will demand an eye for detail and great crisis management skills – ensuring that the guests have a memorable day at your wedding is as important as the wedding itself!  Ensure the escort and place cards are in line with the theme of the wedding.

#10 Final week preparations

The final week before your big day is both exciting and a little nerve wrecking.  However, the priorities should be to practice your vows, ensure you have your final guest count to the venue. Pick up your dress and your wedding rings.  Book yourselves a couple’s massage – nobody deserves a quick relaxation more than you two. Pack your bags for your honeymoon and make sure all related documents are at the ready. Eat healthy, move every day and look after yourself.   As cliched as this sounds, lots of water and sleep are key during such a busy and potentially stressful time.  Last but not least, take a moment to show gratitude to your partner along with your nearest and dearest for the journey so far. All that is left to do is enjoy the happiest day of your life!