The Manor on High is an elegant wedding venue in Epping . We offer three gorgeous rooms providing an option for any wedding type.

Charming extras like the adjoining courtyard and private bridal quarters are the little touches that go above and beyond your expectations. This dedication is what makes the Manor on High one of the best wedding venues in Melbourne.

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    The Grand Ballroom

    The Grand Ballroom literally shimmers with contemporary opulence. French themes are reflected in the gorgeous paintings and intricate period features, invoking an atmosphere of elegant ambience for the grandest Melbourne wedding.

    Width (m) 24
    Length (m) 26
    Area (sq m) 624
    Height (m) 4
    Dining 820
    Dinner Dance 650
    Cocktail Reception 1500
    Theatre 1040
    UShape NA
    Classroom 520
    Exhibition Booth (3m x 3m) 37 booths
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    The Georgian Room

    All the elegance of yesteryear has been brought together for your captivating Melbourne wedding. Our Georgian Room features a dedicated entranceway and beautifully furnished foyer, as do all our banquet facilities.

    Width (m) 23
    Length (m) 16
    Area (sq m) 368
    Height (m) 4
    Dining 360
    Dinner Dance 270
    Cocktail Reception 580
    Theatre 500
    UShape 110
    Classroom 400
    Exhibition Booth (3m x 3m) 23 booths
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    The Regency Room

    The opulence of French kings comes alive in this intimate and exquisitely detailed Banquet gem. Every detail combines to celebrate the grandeur of your very special occasion in a Melbourne wedding reception escape.

    Width (m) 13
    Length (m) 18
    Area (sq m) 234
    Height (m) 4
    Dining 230
    Dinner Dance 180
    Cocktail Reception 500
    Theatre 320
    UShape 70
    Classroom 180
    Exhibition Booth (3m x 3m) 24 booths

Configuration notes:

  • Dining is entire room without allowance for dancefloor
  • Cocktail Reception is stand up
  • Theatre style is rows of 10 chairs, 1 metre gap, 10 chairs, 1 metre gap etc
  • U Shape is based on 2.2m tables in a U-Shape facing in around the perimeter of the room
  • Classroom is based on 4.4m of tables seating 10 pax, 1 metre gap, 4.4m of tables seating 10 pax, 1 metre gap etc allowing a 1 metre gap between each row estimated at being 1 metre wide.