Décor Options


The Manor on High is situated on five acres and includes parking for up to 1300 guests. It has formal gardens and a massive water feature in front of the building. The gardens are plentiful and are convenient for photo shoots.

Outside each of the function rooms is a private large courtyard with landscaped formal French garden beds and water features, ideal for wedding photography for couples or friends and families. Wedding ceremonies are also available in the courtyard areas, and The Manor on High can set this up free of charge.


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    The Grand Ballroom

    The Ballroom is set up just the way the name describes: amazing chandeliers drape from the foyer ceiling, and the huge ballroom is graced with diamond cut ceiling décor. An impressive dance floor, ballroom dancing carpet and natural wall colours blend to any bride’s theme.

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    The Georgian Room

    The Georgian Room is set up with English neo-Georgian themes, including warm timber foyers, a fireplace, and a natural rice paper colour scheme. The Georgian Room has an amazing staircase in the foyer, ideal for wedding photos. Like the Grand Ballroom, the Georgian Room has its own bridal room with a private bathroom.

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    The Regency Room

    The Regency Room is presented with totally French themes. It has a warm timber foyer entrance with a wrought iron French chandelier and a Louis XV fireplace. A piano in the foyer represents the old-world era, and the room has high ceilings and warm, natural colours.


The Manor on High offers a world of luxury. Each room has a private bridal room, smoking courtyards, and coffee lounges with coffee makers included. Each room offers a choice of three modern centerpieces and comes with an option of three different chair types including the tiffany and ghost chair styles. These items are all included in the package. Each room is also fully air-conditioned and centrally heated.


At Manor on High we have created rooms that reflect traditional weddings, from fire places to chandeliers to old world cornice detail.

We have created timber foyers and foyers with ottomans to create the grand old world charm.


At Manor, we understand that everyone has different traditions and cultures, so we have created three different rooms that can honour these various desires. We will present the room with different colours and setups to reflect the requirements of each culture.